Knight Knotes

St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 10-18-2017

G/K DePorter called the meeting to order at 7.00 pm.

G/K DePorter led the opening prayer and the pledge.

Minutes was approved as presented. Motion by Bert and second by Jay motion passed.

Paul presented the treasurers report and motion to approve by John and a second by Dick motion passed.

F/S Brent reported on the membership with 57 members and 31 insurance for a total of 88. All the councils requirements have been met and still working on the insurance issue. Read the correspondence thanking the council for the donations to the disaster relief fund for the hurricane victims.

G/K DePorter reported on the calendar of events that will be coming out soon. There was discussion on making sure that we appoint a Chairman for the upcoming events so there is a point of contact that workers can get answers when needed. There was also a request to keep trying to make sure that everyone has their correct information. (e-mail and phone numbers)

We discussed having someone that could be a P/R liaison for getting our communication to the outlets that events can be shared with everyone in the community. (The Post and the Bulletin etc:)

Received thanks for the Knights that was able to help with the rummage sale. The closing prayer that Jane Hartman gave was a special moment.

The preparations for the afternoon dinner on December 10th for the Bishop and guest Priest whom are invited by Father Charles will be checked out with Jim to see if he can do the catering. Preston will go over to talk to Jim.

We are looking for Knights to man the table on December 1st at the open house to answer any questions for those who may stop by.

The extra Tootsie Rolls have been sold. Larry reported that the forms for the drive have been turned in and taken care of.

New Business:

Discussion on how to deliver the Knights message to St Pat’s to start recruiting new members from their parish.

The meal site event was discussed and will get the date from Neva Cook when it is our turn to sponsor.

Received correspondence from the MDA Drive and Jerry motioned for a donation and was second by Larry motion passed.

Information for a trivia night will be coming at next months meeting Larry and Chris will be Chairing this event.

Coats for Kids will be checked into and some will be purchased like previous years.

The Milan Santa Fund was discussed and a motion by John for a donation and second by Preston motion approved.

Our spot on the back of the bulletin is up for renewed and a motion by Larry and a second by Preston motion passed.

Jerry led the closing prayer

Motion to adjourn by John and second by Preston motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 8.15 pm., Respectfully Submitted, Moose Maranda,Recorder


St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 9-20-2017

Recorder Moose called the meeting to order at 7.00 pm.

Moose led the opening prayer with special intentions for Brother Bob Bigford!

Moose led the pledge and then the previous meeting minutes. Motion by John and a second by Bob to approve, motion carried.

Paul presented the treasure report. Motion to approve by Dick and second by Prez motion approved.

F/S Brent gave his report of membership at 88 with 31 insurance. Nothing outstanding and is working with State on the liability insurance. The calendar of events has been forwarded.

Discussion about the Spray Park event that had a low turnout and will be looked at for next year.

Tootsie Roll drive did well and a salute to Dick Meyer for the extra efforts that he always put forth. Funds collected were as well as the previous year. Discussion for the selling of boxes of Tootsie Rolls we have left.

Memorial Mass on October 8 th at 8.00 am Mass.
Lector: Bob Strupp
Eucharistic Ministers: Jerry Fowler, Dick Meyer and Preston Zawada
Servers: Brent Highfelt and Paul Putnam.
Ushers: Dan Deporter and Volunteers
Bernie will have this list of past Knights to be read off at Mass.

John talked about the steak fry out at the LeClaire parish. Their will not be a 4 th Degree Honor Guard at the Columbus Day Mass.  There was some discussion about the new wardrobe that is being introduced for the 4 th degree knights.

John also mention that help will be needed to set up and tear down for the upcoming Rummage Sale October 5 th 6 th and 7 th and times will be coming.

Preston talked about a Knights table to be set up at the open house on December 1 st to display and to field questions that some may inquired about what we do.

John motioned to make a donation to the drive for the work at the rectory Bob second and motion passed.

John made a motion to make a donation the Harvey, Irma and Maria Hurricane disaster fund Bob second and motion passed.

There was discussion about the upcoming Bishop’s visit on December 10 th and the dinner that will be provided for the guest priest that Father Charles will be hosting on this afternoon. Volunteers will be needed to prepare and serve food and beverages. The fun part is always the clean up.

Meeting adjourned at 7.50 pm.

Moose led the closing prayer.

Respectfully Submitted, Moose Maranda, Recorder


St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 8-16-2017

G/K DePorter called the meeting to order at 7.00 pm.

G/K DePorter led the opening prayer and the pledge.

Moose read the minutes of the previous meeting. Motion to approve by John and second by Bob motion carried.

Paul read the monthly treasurer report and monthly bill are all paid. Motion to approve by Dick and second by Tom motion carried.

G/K DePorter reported on a donation for a Challis for the young priest from Tanzania that has been filling in while attending St Ambrose College. Motion by Larry and second by Bert motion carried.

F/S Brent reported that we have 88 members with 31 being insurance members. Brent also reported that the audit and officers report has been sent and the events for the year have been looked at. Motion to approve by John and second by Tom motion carried.

Old Business on the spray park was mentioned as well as the Tootsie Roll Drive. Larry reported that they have been ordered and not sure of delivery date? Gary and jay will be calling and Tom reported that all location have been looked at. SPEC and Blackhawk Area Special Ed will be assisting.

Tom, Bert and John will be working on ideas for improving the membership. Face Book as well as a Knights table at the upcoming events.

Chris LaRocuhe was welcomed as one of our new members.

G/K DePorter talked about the upcoming Cursillo.

John’s 4th Degree report mentioned the Labor Day Parade and the steak fry in LeClaire.

Motion to adjourn at 8.10 pm by John and second by Tom motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,Moose Maranda,Recorder


St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 7-19-2017

G/Knight DePorter called the meeting to order at 7.00 pm.

G/Knight DePorter led the opening prayer and the pledge.

G/Knight DePorter thanked the Knights that attended the 6.00 pm Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. The Knights was also treated and enjoyed the Spaghetti and pizza before the meeting.

Moose read the previous monthly meeting minutes. Motion to approve by Tom and second by Jerry motion carried.

Paul read the monthly treasurer report and monthly bills. Motion to approve by Preston and second by Dick motion carried.

Jerry reported for F/S Brent on the membership. We have 88 members and will pay Supreme our Per Capita. Our audit is due by August 15 and the Trustees and the G/Knight will be meeting at Happy Joes and put together the activities for this upcoming year.

The Bikers for Babies reception was held at Sacred Heart in Rock Island. Father Charles celebrated mass which had a couple of speakers. The group had 5 bikers and 2 escort people. There were approximately 70 to 80 in attendance.

Dan mentioned that he fielded a couple of questions that the Rock Island Council inquired about not being ask to participate in the golf outing?

There was discussion about the parish picnic short fall. Jerry made the motion and a second by Larry to give Father Charles a donation to help offset some of the shortage motion carried.

The Spray Ground Event will be August 20 th from 6 to 8. Contact Sheila to notify St. Pats by putting in bulletin and announcements

The Tootsie Roll event is coming up on September 15 th and 16 th. Tom and Bob will head up the Drive with locations and schedule to be announced.

G/Knight Deporter purchased gift cards for servers that put in a lot of volunteer work at the parish and at masses.

Baseball game was not well attended and will rethink this event in the future.

There was discussion on promoting new members to our council.

G/Knight DePorter announced that the men’s Cursillo is being held in September and the Cursillo Golf Outing will be July 29 th shotgun start at 9.00 am at Hawthorne Ridge in Aledo.

Father Charles is celebrating his upcoming birthday on August 4 th. Preston made a motion and a second by Tom to get a card with a gift card.

G/Knight DePorter led the closing prayer.

Meeting adjourned at 7.50 pm

Respectfully Submitted, Moose Maranda, Recorder



St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 6-21-2017

G/Knight Randazzo called the short meeting to order at 6.05 pm.

The opening prayer and pledge was led by G/K Randazzo.

Golf outing was a huge success.

Spray Park is scheduled for August 20th from 6-8 pm.

A donation for the St Jude’s golf outing at Jim’s, motion by Paul and a second by Jerry motion approved.

John has 8 tickets left for the Bandits ball game.

The donations from Gene’s funeral will be forwarded to St. Mallory’s and a thanks you card will be sent. Motion Preston and a second by Bob B motion approved.

Dan DePorter is going to look into the space at Christ the King for the Bike Riders that are need of a lay over space and food on July 12th.

The slate of officers that was approved last month was sworn in by G/K Randazzo.

Closing prayer was said and meeting was adjourned at 6.35 pm. Everyone was invited to join the members for food and fellowship at Jim’s

Respectfully Submitted
Moose Maranda

St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 5-xx-2017

Grand Knight Randazzo called the meeting to order at 7.00 pm. and led us in our opening prayer and the pledge.

Knights Appreciation had a very poor turn out with 9 knights and 4 spouses. For a better attendance we will take a different look at it next year.

Mothers Day Carnations was well received as brother Knights handed them out at all Masses.

Fathers Day item was discussed for what we can give to the fathers and will have further discussion.

G/Knight Randazzo made a presentation for Knight of the Year Award to Jim Prochaska for his hard work and dedication to the Council and Parish.

Financial Secretary Brent Highfelt reported on the 89 members and went through the yearly events that were put on by the Knights to benefit the council.

Treasurer Paul Putnam reported on the bills that was all paid and updated the balance we have available.

The Candidates for the year 2017 and 2018:

Grand Knight – Dan DePorter                             Trustee 1 year Jerry Fowler
Deputy G/K – Tom Kettering                               Trustee 2 year Preston Zawada
Treasurer – Paul Putnam                                      Trustee 3 year Larry Randazzo
Financial Secretary – Brent Highfill
Chancellor – John Laughlin
Recorder – Moose Maranda
Advocate – Bob Bigford
Inside Guard – Jay Finn
Outside Guard – Bert
Warden – Dick Meyer

This slate of officers will be sworn in next meeting June 21St at the Parish Center to take over their duties the 1st of July. There will be the after party held at Jim’s.

The Guy Randazzo Memorial Golf outing will be on June 10th with shotgun start at 1.00 pm. A few more non-golfers are needed to help around the course.

Parish Picnic was discussed with explaining the tent, car parking, and shuttle from the bottom of the hill, and pot-a-potties. Everything will fall in place and it will be a great time with St. Pat’s Parish joining us. Pray for good weather.

River Bandits game is going to be June 23rd. Call John Laughlin (373-7387) for tickets. Ticket price is $10.00 per person. Great seats!

Annual Spray Park at Dickson Park is scheduled for August 20th and Brent will have more information and details coming.

Fund raiser ideas were discussed and will be forth coming as they unfold.

G/Knight Randazzo led the closing prayer.

Respectfully Submitted
Moose Maranda

St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 4-19-2017

GK Randazzo called the meeting to order at 7.00 pm.

GK Randazzo led the opening prayer and pledge.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved motion by Bob S. and a second by Tom motion passed.

Palm Sunday breakfast was a surprising success and the times will be discussed next year.

The April 5th Sunday collection for the food pantry was arraigned so the reverse collection slips were passed out and the bags are placed by the doors. A crew will be needed to transport the collection to the pantry at 11.00 May 1st.

Knights Appreciation Dinner will be May 7th at the Welcome Inn. Gathering will start at 5.30 and we will begin ordering at 6.30.

Mothers Day carnations will be passed out and still looking for ideas for Fathers Day to pass out something.

The parish picnic will be held on July 9th at Camden Park. John mentioned that a free will offering will take place during the month of June to help off set some of the cost needed to pay for tents and supplies etc. Carts and gators will be available to transport people from the bottom parking area.

This year election is still in need of a Deputy GK.

Larry reported that the Golf Outing is coming along great and may have to turn away teams, so get your team schedule and turned in. We will need about 10 non golfing volunteers through out the day. The next Golf meeting be this Sunday at the Parish Center at 6.30.

The grill was discussed for handles to help lift and put the plate in place on the stand.

River Bandits Game, John will be checking on a Friday night in June.
Spray Park, Brent will be seeking a day in August.
Other fund raisers for the upcoming year discussed were Ice Cream Social, Grill and Beef Raffle, Gun Raffle.

A First and Major Degree will be held at St. Pius Farrell Hall on May 21st starting at noon.

We welcome back Dave Klauer and two new members, Rich Schulmeister and Christopher Larouche.

GK Randazzo led the closing prayer

Respectfully Submitted
Moose Maranda

St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 3-15-2017

GK Randazzo called the meeting to order at 7.00 pm.

Father Charles led the opening Prayer. GK Randazzo led the Pledge.

Minutes of previous meeting were approved motion by Bob S. and a second by Tom motion passed.

We welcomed our new member Juan Guerrero.

Financial Secretary Fowler submitted his resignation letter effective March 15, 2017. Brent Highfelt will resume this position.

Collectively they presented the report of the audit being done and we have 86 members 55 being associate members and 31 insurance members.

Treasurer Putman reported that he had a couple of outstanding payments to be made. Motion to approve by Bob B and a second by Dick motion passed.

Meeting Items:

Prime Rib Dinner was a huge success and there was some discussing on how the scholarship awards would be handled.

Ladies will need help setting up and tearing down for the rummage sale. Contact Sue Griffiths for information (309) 912-6678.

Palm Sunday Breakfast hours were discussed and 7.30 to noon will be considered and hoping that some parishioners’ from 10.30 mass will come before or after mass? This will be monitored closely. Tom K and John L will lead this event and Bob B and Dick will make calls for help.

April reverse collection will see bags handed out on April 22-23 and collection will be April 29-30 and Knights will take to food pantry around 11.00 am May 1st.

Knight’s banquet will be May 7th at the Welcome Inn. We will gather from 5.00 to 6.00 and dinner orders will begin at 6.00. Each Knight will take care of his and spouses bill.

Carnations will be ordered for Mothers day weekend May 13-14.

An idea for something for Fathers Day June 18th was discussed.

Parish picnic will be July 9th at Camden Park. This year will be a joint venture with St Ambrose Milan and St Pats Andalusia.

Officers Election names for next year will be offered in May with installation in June and taking charge on July 1st.

First Degree Team Sashes had no update.

River Bandits event, game date and tickets will be coming. John L will let us know.

Spray Park date will coming. Brent will keep us updated on this event.

Mission Ladies have challenged the Knight to purchase a new roaster. GK Larry will grab one when he see a deal.

Father Frehill will present a Lecture and Series on March 26th with St Ambrose and Augustana students.

4th Degree will join St Patrick’s Day Parade. Kick off is in Rock Island at 11.30 am. Next meeting will be held in Geneseo at Sweet Peas. Ordering is at 5.30 and meeting at 6.30 pm. Those going and wish to car pool at 5.00 from the Parish Center parking lot.

The Guy Randazzo Golf outing will be at Highland Springs Course on June 11th with a shot gun start at 1.00 pm. cost of this event is $75.00 the same as last year. Bridges Catering will be our food vendor.

Father Charles led the closing prayer.

Respectfully Submitted

St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 2-15-2017

The first degree was the first order of business. We had 2 candidates that was given the first degree.

The Knights meeting was called to order with Grand Knight Randazzo leading the opening prayer and pledge.

Minutes of the previous meeting was motioned to accept by Dick Meyer and a second by Paul Putman, minutes were approved.

Financial/ Secretary Report:

We currently have 87 members. We have 3 for the year and for Star Council we need 3 more and 3 Insurance.

Treasurer Report:

Outstanding Bills were presented and motion to accept by Bob Bigford and a second by Dick Meyer and Bernie Happ report was approved.

Other items discussed were:  Fraternal Survey, Director Report 385, Audit and Dues.

Insurance Report: Jeff Schaecher gave his update.

Upcoming Events:

The Prime Rib and Chicken Dinner will be held on March 11th. Jim and the Ladies usually serve but need help to set up and take down. Phone calls for will be made for help

Palm Sunday Breakfast will on April 9th. Tom and John will be in charge.

State Convention is going to held on April 21,22, and 23.

Knights Appreciation Dinner will be held at the Welcome Inn on May 7th. Gathering will be from 5 to 6 and Dinner at 6. Each Knight will take care of his and spouses bill. John has this set up.

Carnations will be ordered for Mothers Day. Dan Deporter will call his Sister Deb for the Carnations.

Bernie Happ reported that he visited with Sheila for the Date of October 8th at 8.30 Mass for the Knights to remember or Brother Knights. The Knights will cover all the Ushers, Lector, Servers and Eucharistic Ministers.

Big Bob report that the Tootsie Roll money has not been received.

The 4th Degree will be meeting in Geneseo.

Respectfully Submitted

St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 1-18-2017

Opening Prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance

There were 14 Knights in attendance. Moose Maranda was acting Grand Knight for the meeting.
Bob Bigford gave a Tootsie Roll Drive Report.  There is one more form to send in to the State notifying them of who the two groups are that will be receiving a donation from our drive.
Jerry and Moose gave a report on the December 6th Clergy Appreciation Night.  There were 18 Priests and 18 Knights in attendance.  All had an enjoyable evening.  Palm crosses from Ron Fohts company were presented to each Priest.  There are 2 councils that will send their percentage owed to host the event.
Preston gave a report on the December 11th Pancake Breakfast.  We had $350 income against $200 in expenses. Profit goes to Right to Life. Preston noted there was a noticeable light crowd attending.  The weather was rough that day but, it was discussed that we had a low turnout the last time we hosted a breakfast in December.  Originally the event was planned to so that we could have it before Mass started to be held at the Parish Center.  All were in agreement that we not host a Pancake Breakfast in December.  A big thanks to Jim Prochaska for donating the biscuits and gravy for the breakfast.
Our annual taco supper is January 21st from 4-7pm.  We have plenty of helpers for the event.  The event was well supported by the Parish. The supper proceeds go for the support of our Seminarian.
Reverse Collection will happen during the Masses on January 21 and 22.
March 11th will be the Prime Rib Dinner.  Jim Prochaska will cook the food and serve.  Profits will go to our Council for future projects and programs.
April 19th will be the Palm Sunday Breakfast.  Tom Kettering and John Laughlin will be co-coordinators.
John Laughlin volunteered to coordinate our annual Appreciation Dinner. Tentatively it will be Sunday, May 7th at the Welcome Inn in Milan.  There will be a 5pmsocial hours followed with 6pm dinner and program.
Financial Secretary Report:  Brent Highfill read thank you cards from groups we have donated to.  Two bills were discussed and voted on for payment .  Motion passed.  $252.76 to Supreme for supplies and $284.88 to Larry Randazzo for food items he purchased out of pocked for the Right to Life Pancake Breakfast.
John Laughlin proposed and mad a motion  to add money from the Treasury (approximately $350) to the profit from the Pro Life Breakfast so that it equals a total of $500.  Bob Strupp seconded. Motion passed.
New Business:  John Laughlin will check on July 9th as a possible date to reserve Camden Park for the Parish Picnic.
Bob Strupp opened up for discussion the possible purchase of a mural chosen by Father Charles for the Altar.  Prices were discussed but, no motion at this time was entered.
Future activities:  May 14th Mother’s Day Mass – Carnations will be handed out to Moms.
St. Ambrose will host a First Degree at the February meeting if there are prospective Knights in the Illinois Quad Cities area looking to complete the first degree.  There was some discussion to have a practice session sometime prior but, no time and date were discussed.
Meeting adjourned,
Brent Highfill, Past Recorder

St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 12-21-2016

Have a blessed and grateful Christmas, there is no meeting this month

St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 11-16-2016

Ken Maranda acted as Grand Knight for tonight’s meeting since our Grand Knight Larry Randazzo was not able to attend the meeting.

There was an opening prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance

Dick Myers gave a report on the recent reverse collection that happened on October 30th. He mentioned that over 1500 items ad been collected.

Grand Knight Ken Maranda talked about the recent Major Degree our council help put on. Our council put on the first degree followed by the State Initiation Team putting on the 2nd and 3rd Degrees. There were approximately 15 people being initiated that day. Thomas Kehoe our newest member made all 3 degrees that day. Burt Calvin of our council made 2nd and 3rd Degrees.

Future Events Discussed:

Our council will serve food on November 28th at the St. Joe’s meal site. The menu will be chicken breasts, cheesy potatoes, donuts and milk.

The Priest’s Appreciation Dinner will be December 6th at Jack O’s . 5:30 Social Hour followed by dinner at 6:30. Cost is $20 per Knight. Reservations can be sent to Jerry Fowler or Ken Maranda. Eighteen Priests are invited to attend. Bob Bigford made a motion and Preston Zawada seconded to spend $500 on crosses made by Ron Foht’s company to be given to attending Priests. Motion passed.

December 11th we will put on a Pancake Breakfast. Set up on December 10th. It was decided to try this event with out a designated chairperson.

January 21st will be a Taco Supper. Need a chairperson

March 11th Prime Rib / Chicken Dinner. Jim Prochaska and employees will put on event. Knights will be responsible for set up and clean up.

April 9th – Palm Sunday Breakfast. Need a chairperson.

There are open officer positions for next year for your consideration. Grand Knight position will be open for 2017-2018.

There will be no regular meeting for the month of December.

The 4th Degree Christmas party will be held on December 1st. There will be a Mass followed by dinner at Christ the King Church and the Believers Together Parish Center. See John Laughlin if you are a 4th Degree and interested in attending. Spouses are welcome.

Meeting adjourned.

Brent Highfill

St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 10-19-2016

Opening Prayer by Grand Knight Larry Randazzo followed by the Pledge of Allegiance
The reverse collection will happen this Sunday with food donations coming in the weekend of October 30th.  Food will be taken to the pantry on October 31st.

Our council will be hosting a major degree on Saturday, November 5th.  1st degree will happen at 11:30, 2nd degree at 1:00 followed by the 3rd degree.  Good chance for any Knight needing advanced degrees to attend.  All degrees should be over by 3 pm.   We will be serving Happy Joe’s pizza and salad after the ceremonials.

Paul Putnam reported a balance of $9666.68.

Updates on Council activities:  Pulled pork dinner tentatively has been moved to November 12.  Still not definite if we will put this on.

November 21st will be the St. Joe’s Meal site.  Moose will check with Jim if he can again prepare the meal we will serve.

On December 6th we will host a Clergy Appreciation Dinner at Jake O’s.  5:50 social hour followed by dinner at 6:30.  Cost $20 per person

St. Vincent De Paul’s gift basket give away will not happen this year.  After learning this there was some discussion as a council event to have a Pancake Breakfast with Santa. Biscuits and Gravy will be ordered from Jim.

January 21st we will have a Taco Supper. Need one or two people to chair this event.

March 11th Prime Rib Dinner

The Grand Knight opened discussion on the Black Hawk Area Special Education School fundraiser to build a needed playground for the school.  The project proposal calls for $250,000 in fund raising.  John Laughlin made a motion to donate $800 to the school as a donation.  Bob Bigford seconded motion.  Motion passed.

Bob Strupp discussed with the council the need for re-laminating the long table in the meeting/media room in the Parish Center.  Tom Kettering will get an estimate to recover.  If it is an acceptable cost we will proceed otherwise Bob can recover the table.

Insurance Agent Report:  Jeff Schaecher notified the council that we have a Knight transferring into our council.  Nick Fritch is our newest Knight. Jeff talked about recruiting new members.  He made the comment that it is better to fill out the Form 100 out for a new prospective Knight rather than just handing it to him to fill out.  Jeff also said the Galva Knights of Columbus is starting back.  He promised the  Galva council he would come to their meetings for a year which happens to be at the same time as ours.

District Deputy Report:  Tony Scott talked about the upcoming major degree we will host. He mentioned that he will be responsible for bringing lunch for the team putting on the 2nd and 3rd degrees.  He also mentioned that the ceremonials in the future will have a title rather than just calling them the 1st , 2nd etc.  They will be know as the Admission Degree (1st Degree),  The Formation Degree (2nd Degree) and Knighthood (3rd Degree).

Preston wants a small group to safety check the Pancake grill to make sure it is in proper working condition.  A couple volunteers from the meeting said they would help.

John Laughlin reported on 4th Degree happenings.  Christmas social will be December 1st at Believe it Together Parish Center.  Mass at 5 pm and the meal will follow at 6:30.

Meeting Adjourned.
Brent Highfill, Recorder


St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 9-21-2016

Opening Prayer by Grand Knight Larry Randazzo followed by the Pledge of Allegiance

The Grand Knight let the group know that a new Financial Secretary would need to take over for Jerry.  Other Financial Secretary news is that the council owes $643.50 for tootsie rolls from the MRLD.  Also a bill to Supreme for $75.25.  We have 84 members including 2 new members. Audit is ready to send in.  Six new members will be needed for next year to reach Star Council.

Paul Putnam reported a balance of $9666.68.

No Insurance Agent Report or 4th Degree Report

Bob Bigford gave a report on the recent Tootsie Roll Drive.  He noted it is increasingly becoming difficult to get volunteers. Some sites were consolidated due to limited numbers helping.  It was recommended to select a new group we support replacing New Kingdom Trailriders.  Some discussions were held. It was mentioned that the Blackhawk School that Mike Daly was a previous principal of would be a good place to donate our funds next year.  Bob Bigford gave a special thanks to the following people for the going above and beyond to make the tootsie roll drive a success: Gary Dewitt, Jay Finn, Jerry Fowler, Bill and Mary Stallings, Dick Myers and Paul Putnam.  Total donations were $2727.31.  With expenses for tootsie rolls there will be $1622.55 to go to New Kingdom Trailriders and SPEC.  Bob announced that he would be stepping down as the Tootsie Roll Drive Chairman.  Tom Kettering will be chairing next year's drive.  There was some discussion to send a letter to the membership to see why getting volunteers for this event is increasingly becoming difficult.  Tootsie Rolls left over will be sold the weekend of October 2nd during the 5pm and the 8; 30 Masses.

At 9 am on Saturday October 1st volunteers can show up at 9 am to move Parish Center items from the POD back in to the Parish Center.

Calendar of Events:

On Thursday, November 3rd will be the annual Clergy Appreciation Dinner.  The dinner will be at Jacko’s (former Omelia's Supper Club).   Cost $20/person with cocktails starting at 5 and dinner at 6.  Moose and Jerry are helping put the event together..  Councils will be covering the Clergy’s costs.

On November 5th the St. Ambrose Knights will be hosting a Major Degree. St. Ambrose will be conducting the First Degree.  Great opportunity if you are looking to attain your 2nd or 3rd Degrees.  We will have Pizza and Salad at the conclusion of the degree ceremonies.  Notice:  Our next meeting will start at 6:30 on October 19th so that we can practice for the First Degree.  Meeting first followed by practice.

November we will host the annual St. Joe’;s Meal Site. Bob Strupp will again coordinate.  We will again be serving Chicken Breast and Cheesy Potatoes from Jim Prochaska.

Since October has 5 Sundays we will again be having a reverse collection to help stock up the Milan Food Pantry.

On October 17th we will be hosting a Pulled Pork Sandwich Dinner with beans and potato salad.

It is still not determined if there will be a St. Vincent DePaul gift basket giveaway.  If not we possibly will host a Taco Dinner at the Parish Center. TBD.  But, regardless there will be a Pancake Breakfast on December 11th for scholarships for Jordan and Alleman.

January 23rd Taco Dinner at Parish Center for Pro Life.

March 11th tentative date for Prime Rib dinner

April 9th Palm Sunday Breakfast to help Local Seminarian.

Coats purchased by the Knights for Coats for Kids are with Paul Putnam and will be delivered this Friday to be handed out.  We donated 24 boys and 24 girl’s coats.

Our annual Columbus Day Mass will be on October 10th at 8:30. Spouses of deceased Knights will be invited.  Knights will be covering all Mass duties.

We are still looking for a Grand Knight for 2017-2018. Let Larry know you are interested.

Meeting adjourned following a closing prayer.

Brent Highfill, Recorder


St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 8-17-2016

Coming soon

St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 7-20-2016

No meeting notes, but we had our Officer’s Installation night

St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 6-15-2016

Coming Soon

St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 5-18-2016

Opening Prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

14 members present at meeting

Before tonight’s meeting we conducted a first degree ceremony.  We inducted to new Knights into our council.  The two Knights are Bert Catlain and Thomas Smith.  Congratulations Gentlemen.

Financial Secretary:  Jerry Fowler let the group know that we have 88 members.  We have already met our quota needed to reach Star Council.

Treasurer’s Report Paul Putnam:  Balance is 9374.84.  No outstanding bills.

Grand Knight Larry Randazzo thanked all who participated in removing tile floors in two of the Parish Center Class Rooms.  A total of 15 people showed up to help.

This Sunday Reverse collection slips will be handed out since May has 5 Sundays.  Tuesday May 31st food will be moved to the Milan Pantry.  Church collection has brought in as much as 2000 food items per collection.

June 17th will be Knights out at Modern Woodmen Park.  Tickets are $15.

June Meeting will be conducting the voting in of next year’s slate of officers.

Golf Outing June 11. 1 pm shotgun start.

Parish Picnic July 10th.  There will be an a 11 am Mass at the picnic.  Jim Prochaska is requesting some additional help primarily getting food to the event .  Needs 4 volunteers.

Tom Kettering talked to the group concerning the discontinuation of the Milan Festival.  He talked about possibly holding an ice cream social as an event to replace Milan Festival.

Milan Spray ground reserved for August 14th from 6-8.

Meeting adjourned,

Brent Highifll, Recorder


St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 4-20-2016

Opening Prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

14 members present at meeting

Financial Secretary:  Jerry Fowler let everyone know that Tom Smith has turned in his Form 100 and is ready for the First Degree.  Jerry also mentioned that Burt Catlin will become a new council member.  We have 85 members, 54 associate members and 31 insurance members.  Jerry also went over the difference between a Life Member and an Honorary Life Member.  Life Member = Greater than 70 yrs old and 25 yrs of membership.  Honorary Life Member = Less than 70 yrs old with 25 years of membership…

Bob Strupp talked about Gary’s (St. Ambrose Parish Custodian) request for a new push mower.  Pres Zawada made a motion to purchase one and Bob Bigford seconded.  Motion passed.

Grand Knight Larry Randazzo said we should try for a first degree initiation for new members before next months meeting.

No Insurance Report

Prime Rib Dinner was held April 23rd from 4-7.  Proceeds go to our Seminarian for financial support.  Dan Deporter will supply lemonade.

May 8th Mother’s Day.  Carnations to be handed out to Mothers have been ordered.  Need help passing out.

There will be a reverse food pantry collection in May since there are 5 Sundays in the month.

Parish Picnic:  Tentatively June 12th (It has been changed to July 10th).  Pay attention to the Church Bulletin for accurate date.

Open Officer Positions:  Currently the Chancellor and Financial Secretary position will be open for the upcoming year.  We need 2 people to step up to take over these positions.

Night out with the Knights at the ball park.  John Laughlin will be setting up a night at the ballpark tentatively July 29th.  Peoria Cubs will be in town.

Milan Spray Park is reserved for the Parish Families on August 13th.  Time is from 6 to 8 in the evening.

There was discussion on our Council’s future events when the Parish Center won’t be available during renovations.  No concrete plans were developed.

There will be a First Degree during our May meeting.  The date will be May 18th and the start time will be 6:30.

MRLD Tootsie Roll Drive update:  Bob Bigford let everyone know that the checks have been sent out to SPEC and NKTR.  Bob will be delivering letters to our prospective collection locations in advance so we can secure a reservation.

Jerry Fowler asked for volunteers to tear out carpet and dropped ceilings in Parish Center.  The time for the work will be May 14th from 8 am to Noon.  Show up if you can.

The following Knights please forward contact information to Jerry Fowler

Joseph Moreno, Bob Plusher, Dick Drury, Bart Krebs, Mark and Luke Moore, Tom Ryan, Randy Schrock and David Wilson.

Dan Deported presented the idea of serving pies at next years Rhubarb Festival in Aledo.  He will be willing to coordinate the effort.  Other groups in the Church may be asked to help.

Meeting adjourned.

Ending Prayer.

Brent Highfill, Recorder


St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 3-16-2016

Opening Prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance

14 members present at meeting

Preston Zawada made a motion to approve minutes as appeared on the Knights of Columbus website.  Dick Myers seconded.  Motion approved.

Financial Secretary’s Report: No report.

Tom Kettering introduced Thomas Smith as a prospective new council member.  Thomas has a Form 100 and will be seeking First Degree initiation.

Treasurer’s Report:   Paul Putnam reported a balance of $6544.92.  Paul mentioned there are still outstanding bills for the upcoming Palm Sunday Breakfast that is due.

Grand Knight Report:   GK Larry Randazzo stated that the profit from the upcoming Palm Sunday Breakfast will go to our council.  Serving time will be 7:30 to 12. These times reflect the new Mass schedule.  Update.  Palm Sunday breakfast appeared to be well supported by parishioners and financial breakdown will be discussed at April’s meeting.

Prime Rib Dinner will need to be moved up since the Church pews will soon be moved over to the Parish Center because of Church renovations.  Our only option will be April 9th. No planning was discussed since Jim Prochaska provides the help for serving.  Knights will be needed for clean up.

John Laughlin reported that June 12th will be the Parish Picnic.  It will be again at Camden Park.  This year Jim Prochaska has requested help to set up that morning at 7 am. John as Church coordinator of this year’s event is asking for 4 volunteers for set up.

No Insurance Agent Report

Our recent Taco Dinner profit will go to the support of our chosen Seminarian and will be paid out in March.  We will be sending the seminarian $475 for help with their education.  It was also noted that the $300 due to Jim Prochaska for the Taco Dinner was donated by him to the Church’s renovation project known as Renew and Restore.

Palm Sunday Breakfast will be on March 20th.  Preston and Paul are serving as co –chairmen.  Moose will be taking care of the milk and Juice.  There was discussion on again adding eggs to the menu.  It was decided it would only work if they were very reasonable in price.  Past history discussions revealed that the biscuits and gravy replaced eggs and was a positive change.  There are still requests for eggs but, it was noted that a lot of the eggs end up in the trash.

The council will have the officer position of Chancellor open for the next year.  If you are interested let the Grand Knight aware of your intentions.

Upcoming degrees

April – Betson Council Major Degree

May – Allouez Council 1st Degree

Knight of Knights Banquet will be held on April 16th…  It will start with a 4:30 mass at Christ the King and dinner following in the Believers Together Parish Center.  Info is on the St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus Website. Cost is $28 per person.

June 11th Golf Tournament.  1 o’clock tee time.  Bridges catering will be serving dinner.  Grand Knight Larry Randazzo said that the Allouez Council is again interested in helping coordinate the event.

John Laughlin volunteered to coordinate a Night out at the ballpark.  Details to follow.

Bob Strupp and Dick Myers just received their 4th Degrees this past month in a 4th Degree ceremony in Davenport.  Congratulations.

Bob Bigford let everyone know that he would again chair the MRLD Tootsie Roll Drive along with co-coordinators Gary DeWitte and Jay Finn.

Bernie Happ announced that the Columbus Day Mass and our ceremonial Mass for Deceased Members o f the St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus  will be on  October 8th.  The council agreed that the 8:30 Mass would be the preferred Mass with the 10:30 being the second choice.-

Mothers Day:  John Laughlin made a motion that the Knights again give carnations out to Mothers after Mass on Mothers Day weekend.  Gary DeWitt seconded.  Motion passed.

Preston Zawada gave a meeting ending talk about when he decided to accept the Grand Knight’s position 3 years ago.   Preston mentioned that there is no better council to be the Grand Knight of because of all of the support the membership puts out and lastly not to be afraid to step up.

Final Prayer.

Meeting adjourned.

Brent Highfill, Recorder


St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 2-18-2016

Opening Prayer by Father Charles followed by the Pledge of Allegiance

Financial Secretary’s Report: Jerry Fowler reported that the audit is complete and mailed in.  We are ok for 6 months before any deadlines are reached on audit business.  Currently we have 85 members.  This puts us only 1 new member away from reaching the goal needed to make Star Council.  Jerry mailed off our dues for our council due the Supreme.  Also, Jerry submitted a bill to the Treasurer from Leo Council for our share of the cost of the Major Degree.  Currently, 75% of the dues our in from our members meaning we still have 20 members that are outstanding on their dues.  There was some discussion of members of our council that will soon attend a 4th degree initiation in Davenport.  Dick Myers and Bob Strupp will be attending.  John Laughlin made a motion and Tom Kettering seconded to accept the Financial Secretary’s Report.  Motion Passed.

Treasurer’s Report:   Paul Putnam reported a balance of $7510.44.

Grand Knight Report:   Grand Knight Larry Randazzo let everyone know that over 2000 food items were collected from the last reverse food collection for the Milan Christian Food Pantry.  The Grand Knight also talked about the recent Appreciation Dinner held at the Welcome Inn and thanked all those that attended.

Old Business:  Our proceeds from last year’s BBQ dinner need to be paid out to the Milan Christian Food Pantry. The profit was $250.00.

Our recent Taco Dinner profit will go to the support of our chosen Seminarian and will be paid out in March.  We will be sending the seminarian $475 for help with their education.  It was also noted that the $300 due to Jim Prochaska for the Taco Dinner was donated by him to the Church’s renovation project known as Renew and Restore.

Palm Sunday Breakfast will be on March 20th.  Preston and Paul are serving as co –chairmen.  Moose will be taking care of the milk and Juice.  There was discussion on again adding eggs to the menu.  It was decided it would only work if they were very reasonable in price.  Past history discussions revealed that the biscuits and gravy replaced eggs and was a positive change.  There are still requests for eggs but, it was noted that a lot of the eggs end up in the trash.

The council will have the officer position of Chancellor open for the next year.  If you are interested let the Grand Knight aware of your intentions.

At next months meeting we are planning on hosting a First Degree.  We are planning a rehearsal on March 9th at 6 pm.

Upcoming degrees

4th Degree 3-12
April – Betson Council Major Degree
May – Allouez Council 1st Degree

Knight of Knights Banquet will be held on April 16th…  It will start with a 4:30 mass at Christ the King and dinner following in the Believers Together Parish Center.  Info is on the St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus Website. Cost is $28 per person.

June 11th Golf Tournament.  1 o’clock tee time.  Bridges catering will be serving dinner.  Grand Knight Larry Randazzo said that the Allouez Council is again interested in helping coordinate the event.

Closing Prayer by Father Charles

Meeting adjourned, Brent Highfill, Recorder


St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 1-20-2016

-Opening Prayer by Father Charles followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

-There was no Roll Call of Officers but, a head count showed 16 officers and members present.

-Moose Maranda made a motion to approve last months minutes.  Dick Myers seconded. Motion passed.

-Financial Secretary Jerry Fowler:  Bart Krebs has made is a first degree and is now a member.  Tom Ryan is also ready for new membership.  Jerry reported that we have 81 members plus 3 newly initiated.  For the year we have had 4 new members with only 2 members left to recruit to reach the 6 required for Star Council and the Columbian Award.  Bills are up to date.

-District Deputy Award Presentation.  Tony Scott came to present us with the Star Council Award.  This year it is a new style.  A plaque was presented to Pres Zawada as outgoing Grand Knight  along with a golf shirt.  Tony noted that our council was 1 of only 5 councils to receive the Star Council Award in the Peoria Diocese…  Pins were presented to the Grand Knight and the Program Director.

Treasurer’s Report:  Our current balance is $7825.14.  We have a check due to Highland Springs of $500 to reserve the date of June 11th for the annual Golf Tournament.

Insurance Agent Report:  No Report

Free Throw Competition – The event was held on January 24th.  There were 14 kids between the age of 9 and 14 that participated.  Seven winners were selected and were given a $5 Whitey’s gift certificate and a chance to compete at the District Level on February 21st at Christ the King.

Taco Supper was held on January 23rd.  Gary DeWitte is calling for volunteers.  Dan  Deporter donated two  5 gallon containers for Tea and Lemonade for the event.  Father Charles talked about using boosting on Facebook to advertise future Knight Events.

Food Pantry reverse collections slips will be handed out this Sunday.  Jerry Fowler talked about the Knights purchasing more of a permanent bag people take with them to return donated food items.  The bag would have the church’s name and run about $1.65 per bag.  Larry Randazzo is going to check with another vendor to get another estimate.  Moose Maranda made a motion to purchase 250 bags and Bob Bigford seconded. Motion passed.

Annual Appreciation Dinner will be held February 13th, 2016 at the Welcome Inn in Milan.  John Laughlin has pricing information.

Audit is due February 15th.  Audit committee will meet at Happy Joes to complete the audit.

The following Degrees  are upcoming:

Feb – Leo Council 2-2-16
March- St. Ambrose – 3-16-16
March  – 4th degree- Davenport 3/12/16
April – Major Degree-Fr. Betson Council
May- Allouez Council

Golf Tournament will be June 11th at Highland Springs.  Currently there will be a 1pm shotgun but, may get it pushed up to 12pm.  The cost was increased this year and will be $75.  Bridges catering will serve the dinner.  Hole sponsors will be $100 per hole or $50 for ½ hole.

Bob Bigford made a motion and Dick Myers seconded to cover Ozzie Phelps membership dues for the upcoming year. Motion passed.

The council received a thank you from the Catholic Center for Youth Solutions for our donation of boys and girls coats.

Bob Bigford discussed some of our past challenges with manning all locations during the Tootsie Roll Drive.  The council will continue to evaluate if there needs to be change out of one of our charities that is supported from the drive.

Father Charles gave reports of upcoming youth activities for the summer.  There are several students from the Church and Alleman that will be attending the summer youth conference.  Father explained the necessity of having chaperones along.  There will be a need for 3 chaperones for St. Ambrose kids. Bob Strupp made a motion and Jerry Fowler seconded that the council donate $600 for the cost of 3 chaperones to attend the conference. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned, Brent Highfill, Recorder



St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 11-18-2015

There was a First Degree held at 7:00 pm and there were three candidates that took their First Degree.  Two were from the Allouez Council 658 and our Council had one candidate.

After the degree ceremony there was a general meeting held.  GK Larry Randazzo started with a prayer and the pledge of allegiance.

Since Treasurer Paul Putnam was out of town GK Larry Randazzo gave the report, all bills are paid with a couple still outstanding like the bill for the Tootsie Rolls and the check to the State for our MR/LD collections.

Financial Secretary gave his report that we have 81 members 49 associate and 39 insurance.  We brought in 1 new member so that should bring us to 82, we need 4 more to make star council.  We have a new bill from the Major Degree that Leo Council hosted, he will pass that on to the Treasurer to get it paid.  As of today all of our forms are in and up to date.

Old News, The coats for kids are in and GK Larry Randazzo is looking to deliver them later this month.  John Laughlin volunteered to go with him to drop them off.  We will try to get a picture for the POST and the State newsletter.  We have the Supper for the homeless on November 23.  We will need to have about 4-5 brother Knights to help.  At the end of November we have the food pantry collection, slips should go home the weekend of Nov 21-22 and then Monday Nov 30th we will need a few nights to take the food over to the food pantry.  Also coming up is the Day that we help deliver Christmas baskets for the St. Vincent DePaul Society, that will be on December 19th and they will plan on going to Pizza and Subs afterwards.  There will be no meeting in December, but remember to Keep Christ in Christmas.

Then after the first of the year we have several events, the first is 23rd of January we have scheduled a taco supper to Benefit a Seminarian.  And then at the end of January it’s a food pantry collection.  We are still looking into having an Awards/Appreciation Dinner in February either at Welcome In or Jacko’s.

Minutes taken by Bro. Jerry Fowler for Secretary Brent Highfill.

St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 10-21-2015

15 Members in attendance.  Our most recent member Joe Moreno made his first meeting.  Congratulations Joe.

Grand Knight Larry Randazzo read the Roll Call of Officers.

Old Business:  Bob Bigford gave an MRLD Tootsie Roll Report.   Bob gave a special thanks to Dick Myers, Gary DeWitte, Jay Finn, Jerry Fowler, Bill Stallings and Mary Stallings for stepping up and filling extra slots at collection points.  Jerry Fowler reported our net income from the drive was $2400-$2500.  We still owe for the tootsie rolls but, Blackhawk Township will purchase the overage.  It was also noted that 3 cases were accidently taken from the Parish Center that were not paid for

Memorial Day Mass: Great turnout from our Council in remembrance of deceased members.  4th Degree Honor Guard was present at the Mass. Knights covered all duties of parishioners at the Mass.  Because of our Council’s involvement and tradition of this Mass an ex- Knight has decided to become a member again.

Pulled Pork Dinner Results:  There was a profit of $250 that will go to the Milan Food Pantry.  Most agreed we should do this event again.  There was discussion about putting ad in the paper later in the week closer to the event.  This year the notice in the paper came out the Sunday before.  The recommendation is for a Wednesday run in the paper.

Treasurer’s Report:  Paul Putnam reported a balance of $9815.38.\

Financial Secretary:  Jerry Fowler reported there are 82 members (50 associate and 32 Insurance).  No bills to Supreme are due.  There is an outstanding bill of $643.50 for Tootsie Roll’s left to pay.

Bob Strupp let everyone know he has delivered the leaf blower to the Rectory Garage.  Bob through out discussion of buying a spreader.  Preston made a motion to by a salt spreader at approximate cost of $150 Dick Myers seconded. Motion passed.

New Business:

Trivia Night: November 14th $80 per table.  Doors open at 6 pm and the event starts 6:30.  No alcohol will be allowed but, bring own food and drinks as long as they are non alcohol. Income will go towards renovation another classroom at the Parish Center. Father Charles estimated that it would take approximately $5000 to renovate a classroom.  Typical improvements would include new carpet, paint, TV, Projector.

Food collection.  Reverse collection will happen on November 22nd and the food collection will happen on November 29th.

November 23rd will be the St. Joseph’s Meal Site.  Angelo Encapera on behalf of his wife Bonnie donated $250 in her memory to help the continuation of our participation in this event.  Bonnie Encapera cooked the food for this event for many years and her dedication and involvement will be missed.

On November 13th at Farrell Hall there will be a Priest Appreciation Night.  All Knights are invited.  Event starts at 6 pm.  Cost is $20.  Reservations are needed by Nov. 9th.Call Mr. Wieland 786-9605.  Nineteen Priests are invited for the appreciation night.

December 19th will be the St. Vincent DePaul Basket Delivery to needy families.  meet at Sacred Heart at 9am.  After the delivery the Council will meet at Pizza and Subs for fellowship.

There will not be a meeting in December of our Council.

We possibly will host a first degree at the November Meeting but it is still to be determined.

Coats for Kids have been ordered but, not delivered yet.

Insurance Agent Report:  Jeff Schaecker thanked the council for its participation in the Insurance Program and our successful recruitment of new members.  There will be a 4th degree exemplification in March.

Father Charles asked for the council’s support in the Renovation Campaign.

Preston Zawada let the council know that two engraving plates for Lee Hillman and Tim Lavell will be added to our Memorial Plaque of Deceased Council Members.

The Council Appreciation Dinner was discussed.  February was talked about as the month to hold this event. Jake o’s or Welcome Inn were possible location discussed.

Meeting adjourned.
Brent Highfill, Recorder.

St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 9-16-2015

Opening Prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call of Officers:  There were a total of 12 officers and members present.

Grand Knight Larry Randazzo asked for a motion to approve minutes from the last meeting.  John Laughlin made a motion, Dick Myers seconded. Motion passed.

Jerry Fowler reminded the Council about our website.  All of the council activities can be found on the site and useful information to help everyone stay involved.

Grand Knight Larry announced we have two new members awaiting the first degree.

Treasurer’s Report (Paul Putnam): Paul noted there are 3 checks not yet reconciled but have a balance of $8923.72.

Financial Secretary:  Jerry announced we have 80 current members.  All Financial Secretary bills are paid up.  Audit was completed and was in good shape…  All Directors and Officers reports have been submitted…

Insurance Agent Report:  Jeff Schaecher reminded us that we have to ask someone to become a Knight.  He said the Louie Alongi of the Allouez council has successfully signed up over a 100 Knights since becoming a Knight himself by asking a potential member if they are a Knight.

MRLD Tootsie Roll Drive:  Bob Bigford gave a report.  It was discussed that the participation of Knights in this project was of concern.  Many Knights signed up more than once to make it work.  It was also discussed to invite Alleman students next year to help full fill their service hours.  Next year the group thought it would be a good idea to announce in the paper before the event that the Knights would be collecting donations much like the Allouez council does.

New Business:

October 11th: Major Degree at Guadalupe

October 11th at the 10:30 Mass Columbus Day Mass at St. Ambrose.  Knights will cover all service positions and deceased Knights of our Council will be read during the Prayer of the Faithful.

October 17th: Pulled Pork Sandwich Dinner.  Includes chips, salads and water.  Thanks John Laughlin for stepping up to coordinate this event.  12 members will be needed to run this event.  If you can’t help please come out to eat..  Money will go to Food Pantry.

November 14th will be the Trivia Night at St. Ambrose.  Saturday night doors will open at 6 pm and the event will start at 630.  8 people to a table and proceeds will go to renovation of another classroom in the Parish Center.

Coats for Kids: Preston made a motion and Bob Bigford seconded to buy 2 boxes of boys and 2 boxes of girls coats.  Motion passed.  It was discussed that we should send our good deed to the Catholic Post and the Church Bulletin as Catholic Charities will be the recipient of the coats.

We will again host the Free Throw Shoot sometime in January.

Meeting Adjourned.

Brent Highfill, Recorder.


St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 8-19-2015

Opening Prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance

Grand Knight Larry Randazzo introduced Tom Kettering to those present at the meeting as a new member to our council.   Welcome Tom.

Roll Call:  11 officers and members present for the meeting.

Grand Knight asked for a motion to approve last months minutes.  Dick Myers made a motion and John Laughlin seconded to approve.  Motion passed.

Treasure’s report:  Current balance of $9242.14.  There is $33 in outstanding checks.  Bob Bigford made a motion to approve Treasure’s Report and Dick Drury seconded.  Motion passed.

Financial Secretary’s Report:  Jerry Fowler reported we have 80 current members.  There are 48 associate and 32 Insurance members.  We also have 10 Honorary Life Members because of their age and years of service.  We have one member that is Honorary but,  not enough years of service yet to become Honorary Life.

The council is required to pay $217.50 to Supreme and $362.95 to the State Council for membership dues.  John Laughlin made a motion and Dick Drury seconded to forward checks to both.  Motion Passed.

Upcoming MRLD Tootsie Roll Drive:  New Kingdom Trail Riders has a new address and they have updated the form needed to receive their money.  There is an $1100 check now available that will be going to SPEC.  Bob reported that he went around to different locations to secure spots for collections.   Walgreens has chosen not to let us collect at their location.  Currently we will be collecting at CVS, HY-VEE, Black Hawk Bank and Sav-a-lot.  The Drive will be on September 18 and 19 starting at 8am.

Unfinished Business:  We will be picking up our Milan Village signs and will discontinue posting the Knights of Columbus sign on the Milan Organizations signs.

Spray Ground:  Jerry Fowler reported that 12 families with approximately 45-50 kids were present at the recent Knights of Columbus sponsored event at the Milan Spray Park.

Columbus Day Memorial Mass:  The Columbus Day Mass will be held during the 10:30 Mass on October 11th.  Again Knights will cover all service positions.  Letters will be sent out to the spouses of all deceased members that the Memorial Mass will be observed.

4th Degree Activities:  4th degree members will be participating in the Rock Island Labor Day Parade.  There is also a 4th Degree steak fry on August 31st in Davenport.

Future Events discussion:  Discussed possibly having a Trivia Night for early November.  Event proceeds could go to the fixing up of Father’s upstairs living area ceiling fan or another classroom renovation.

Taco Dinner:  Taco Dinner will be October 24th.  Need a coordinator for the event.

Insurance Report:  There will be a major degree at Guadalupe in October and a First Degree  TBD.  We are considering doing a Knights Round up here at the Church on September 27th so that new Knights can make the major degree where they can receive 1st, 2nd and 3rd degrees.

This Sunday we will have the reverse food bank collection.  Slips will go out during Mass and food will be collected the following Sunday.

Audit needs to be completed.  Audit Committee is Jay Finn, Bernie Happ and Preston Zawada.  It was decided that they will meet August 26th at 6pm at Happy Joe’s to conduct the audit.

Congratulations the Council did receive the Star Council Award for this past year.  Requirements for this prestigious award include 4 projects in 5 areas of focus, meeting quota of new members and generating new insurance members.

St. Joe’s Meal site will again happen in November.  The St. Vincent DePaul Gift basket delivery will happen in December.

Brent Highfill, Recorder


St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 6-18-2015

Meeting was called to order at 7.00 pm

Father Charles lead the opening prayer.

Preston lead the Pledge

Roll call of Officer recorded the Brent and John not present and excused.

Previous Minutes: Motion by Jay and second by Gene motion approved

OLD BUSINESS: discussion on the Food Pantry was held and we need to make sure that the next 5th Sunday in August that the proper notification is addressed from the bulletin and the pulpit along with slips being passed to the parishioners’. Dick also asked for help on every Thursday morning around 10.00 am. This is when the truck arrives and needs to be unloaded more hands make the job easier.

PICNIC: The day cleared off and what a great time was had. For the second year we counted around 300 as we had the first year. When Jim Prochaska came up with this idea and it was introduced to Father Charles this Parish could not be more grateful for these two men to initiated this idea to unite this Parish as one.Thank you both for being the fine Knights that you are.

GOLF: The Guy Randazzo Memorial Outing was a huge success with 28 teams on the course to enjoy the afternoon. A special tip of the hat to fellow Knights Larry and Matt Randazzo for all the work that made this event so special. Larry spoke about how the sponsors and the volunteers came forward when called upon with no hesitation or questions asked on how they were needed. There was mentioned that the teams will be returning next year when the event is announced.

FINANCIAL SECRETARY REPORT: Jerry reported we have 80 members in which 53 are associates and 27 are insurance members. It was also announced that we have met all the criteria’s to receive our star council award. Thanks to the leadership of Grand Knight Preston Zawada the last two years making this possible. All the bills are paid. Our form 185 and the audit forms are complete and will be mailed off soon. Motion by Jay and second by Paul motion approved.

TREASURER REPORT: Larry reported that the Scholarship and Seminarian monies will be sent out for the appropriate people. The carnations for the ladies on Mother’s Day was a success and Finger Rosaries for the men will handed out on Father’s Day. Motion by Bob B. and second by Paul motion approved.

OTHER REPORTS: Gene reported on the retreat at St. Mallory in Dubuque was very nice. Bernie reported that we need to start thinking about the Columbus Day Mass at the 10:30 am mass on October 11th.

NEW OFFICERS: The men that have stepped up and nominated to serve and was approved by acclimation vote are.

Grand Knight: Larry Randazzo

Deputy Grand Knight: Ken Maranda

Chancellor: Gary DeWitte

Recorder: Brent Highfill

Treasurer: Paul Putnam

Advocate: Bob Bigford

Inside Guard: John Laughlin

Outside Guard: Gene Desaunoy

Motion by Dick and second by Bob B. motion approved.

Appointments of Chaplin Father Charles and Financial Secretary Jerry Fowler was accepted. Motion by Larry and second by Jay motion approved.

On July 8th there will be a acceptance service at church at 6.00 pm and installation of officers at 7.00 pm at Happy Joe’s

Respectfully submitted for

Brent Highfill/ kem


St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 5-21-2015

Opening Prayer followed by Pledge of Allegiance

Grand Knight Report: Rock Island had a major degree recently. Richard ‘Dick’ Drury, new to our council completed the major degree. GK Pres mentioned that Mothers Day carnations were handed out on Mother’s day. 350 carnations were purchased. We did not have the door that exits to the north covered on one or two Masses.

May 17th there was a Golf Tournament meeting. Good turn out. Several new sponsors for this year’s event. We have income increase of $ 1000 dollars in hole sponsors. The committee is aiming for 30 teams participating. Stands that hold Hole Sponsors are still missing. At this years Tournament conclusion there will be a silent auction of various items. They include Autographed Kinnick Stadium Picture with Iowa player signature. Sport event pass for Augustana Sports and Sweet Tickets for Q.C. River Bandit Game.

There will be 3 WQAD news people working money holes. The tournament is June 13th at Highland Springs.

The weekend of May 31st will be the food pantry collection weekend. Reverse collection slips will be handed out the weekend before. Church Picnic will be June 7th.

The Knights will need a key to the Parish Center since locks have been changed.

Father’s day weekend fathers will receive finger rosaries. Fathers will come up to altar rather than be handed out at the door.

Financial sec: We have 80 members, 50 associate and 29 insurance members. We need 3 insurance members signed up to meet our insurance quota for Star Council. All bills are paid up.

Columbia award application filled out and sent in. Jerry’s 3 years as Financial Secretary are up therefore the Grand Knight and Trustees have to fill out how well they thought Jerry did performing his duties Scholarships have been given out. The Guy Randazzo Scholarship was given to Alyssa Wright and the Gene McGonagall Scholarship was given to Brittany Sorazano.

Slate of officers will be inducted the 15th of July at Happy Joes after a special Mass.

Picnic location will be Camden Park. Water will be provided by the Knights. Knights will also have bingo and parking.

Insurance report: Jeff Schaecher talked about the Star Council award. 1500 councils get Star Council award. Jeff appealed for new insurance member sign up. Annuity’s sufficed as insurance. If we get Star Council we will get a $4 per member discount off of our dues to supreme which would amount to $320.

Treasurer’s report: Larry Randazzo. Balance is $ 6198.28. There are 3 outstanding things left to pay for and they are seminarian support (need to pick someone), check for building fund (floors$500) and a scholarship. Including outstanding bill the actual balance is $4500. Motion by Bob Strupp to purchase a leaf blower for the Maintenance Man with Dick Drury seconded. Motion included not exceeding $200 for church maintenance person.

Selection of candidates: Larry Randazzo is stepping up to Grand Knights, Jerry fowler staying as financial secretary. There is a need of treasurer since Larry is stepping up. Full slate will be presented at next meeting.

Bob Bigford discussed Tootsie Roll Drive. The sending out of letters to businesses will be happening soon.

Meeting adjourned,

Brent Highfill, Recorder


St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 3-19-2015

Opening Prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance

Grand Knight Report: (Pres Zawada) Old business: Supreme headquarters sent congratulations to the council in received gift cards of $25 bucks for recruitment incentive of recruiting 3 new members. Received a letter from Ivy Padilla (St. Ambrose Youth Religious Coordinator. Her sisters attend Seton Catholic School. The sister’s classes are making food bags for the hungry. Their goal is 6000 bags at .25 per bag. After a short discussion, Bob Strupp made a motion and Bob Bigford seconded the motion to give $50 to help them with their cause. Motion passed.

There was a good turnout for the prime rib dinner. Profit for the night was $458.00. This year we again noticed we had several non parishes walk ins to the event. Discussed making sure we do a better job advertising this event next year to expand on attendance from non parish people.

Palm Sunday breakfast will be March 29th.

Chaplain’s report- Father Charles congratulated us on the prime rib dinner and how well things went. Father talked about the busy Lenten season and all the Alleman activities. Also, Father Charles gave updates about the media room and how things are progressing. Goal is to have a top notch presentation room. Gave updates to rectory improvements which included floor improvements.

Bob Bigford made a motion and Paul Putnam seconded to spend $750 dollars towards the anticipated cost of $1100 for a large screen TV for the media room.

Larry Randazzo: Gave a Treasurers report with a balance of $ 4588.88

Financial secretary: Jerry Fowler: We have one transfer from our council to Allouez. John Laughlin made a motion and Dick Myers second to approve report.

Grand knight: discussed new officers slate approval and nomination for next year. Need interested people to step up. We are currently seriously looking for a Financial Secretary and Grand Knight.

April 15th will be the next meeting. First degree will be held during next meeting. Practice date for first degree tentatively will be April 8th at 6pm.

On April 11 and 12 we will have a membership drive at church. Father will deliver Knights appeal after Mass.

Neva Cook is looking for volunteer Eucharistic Ministers to go and take communion to St. Anthony’s and helping with the rosary. Looking for volunteers to help 3 days a week.

Palm Sunday breakfast set up 1 pm on Saturday. Event will be 7:30 to 11. Cost is $7 cost per person 4 bucks per child.

No trustee or auditor report:

John Laughlin discussed paying financial secretary since there are other councils that pay the Financial Secretary. Larry made a motion to pay financial secretary 1 dollar per member per qtr. Bob bigford seconded. Motion passed.

Golf tournament discussion (Larry Randazzo). New sponsors have committed for this year and we are hoping for 29 teams to participate this year.

Pay thro pay pal. Event is June 13th at Highland Springs.

The Council is tentatively planning a Trivia night on the 1st or 3rd Saturday night in May. There will be 8 person teams and you can bring your own food and snacks. 50-50 tickets and other promotions will be held during the event.

Refreshments will be purchased for fellowship time after the next regular council meeting.

Money for Jordan and Alleman scholarships will be paid for with the profit from the recent prime rib dinner. John Laughlin made a motion and Larry Randazzo seconded to move the amount up of each scholarship to $300 dollars. It was decided because of the poor participation rate not to include the essay portion of the scholarship.

Brent Highfill, Recorder



St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 2-18-2015

Opening Prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

Grand knight Report- Moose Maranda made a motion to accept minutes and Paul Putnam seconded motion. Motion passed.

Free Throw Contest:  no report.

Jerry Fowler gave a report on the Taco Supper.  Proceeds were $ 829. Again,  Jim Prochaska provided food for this event at no charge to the Knights. An idea was discussed  to donate to St. Jude’s Hospital in Jim’s name for $300 as a gesture of his good will and support of the St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus .  Last two Knight functions Jim has provided the food to serve at no charge to the Knights. From the taco supper proceeds $500 of the profit will go to a Seminarian.  We are in the process of picking a seminarian to receive our donation.  When the Knights give $ 500 the Supreme Council gives $100 back to our council.

Audit report:  Audit committee met at Happy Joes in Milan. A total of 5 Knights met to complete audit.  Jerry thanked trustees for their assistance.

Knights helping out at the Parish Center: On February 7th several Knights helped to remove ceiling and floor tile in the northwest classroom at the parish center to help it be transformed into a media room.  Father Charles and Preston thanked all that helped.  Father discussed lighting and rebates gained on equipment going in the new room.  Lighting will be here in March.  The room will have a projector with a TV in a corner so that groups can watch videos. A T.V. was donated by a parishioner.

Father Charles reminded everyone about the Young Adult retreat that will happen on Palm Sunday weekend.  Father noted that the group will be attending the Palm Sunday Pancake Breakfast.  The retreat is for 21-32 year old adults.  Three Priests and people from the Cursillo community will put the retreat on and is for singles and married couples.  They are currently coming up with a marketing strategy.  There are 15 slots.  Jeff Schaecker Insurance Agent asked Father if the Knights can do anything to help in that age group in helping bring them back to the Catholic Church.  Jeff committed that there is not a lot of programs in the Knights for that age group. Some sports thing exists but limited. Jeff made the comment that statistics say the average worker stays in job is 4.5 years. So it is hard to stay in a community to establish themselves.  Always on move.  Also, can’t expect 20 something people to go to church if parents don’t go.

Treasurer’s Report by Larry Randazzo: We have a balance of $6312.20 with all expenditures accounted for.  John Laughlin made a motion to accept Treasurer’s report and Bernie Happ seconded motion.  Motion passed.

Financial Secretary Jerry fowler:  We have a total of 80 members with 50 associate and 30 insurance members. Currently we are 1 away for membership and 3 away for insurance to obtain Star Council.

Annual Dues: We have currently 26 outstanding folks that need to pay. Jerry mentioned of that total 12 will come in predictably but, 14 are questionable.

Bob Strupp told everyone that the bill for weights for the new lawn tractor has arrived.  Gary Dewitte ordered chains and delivered them.  Gary donated the chains for the new lawn tractor.   Preston congratulated our council for all the effort that went into purchasing and setting up the new lawn tractor and including chains, plow and weights.   GK Preston made special note to than Bob Strupp and Gary DeWitte for leading this effort.  In all the Knights contributed $4500 worth of equipment towards this project.

Chancellor on vocations: no report

John Laughlin let everyone that the St. Pat’s parade is on March 14th parade and all 4th degree Knights are invited to walk in the parade.

GK Preston commented that the outdoor signs for our Taco Supper are fixed and ready to be used.

Prime rib supper will be March 14th and will happen before the next meeting:  Jim serves the meal himself with assistance from his staff.  Jerry Fowler will chair this event.

Reverse Food Collection for the Milan Food Pantry: March 28th will be food pantry collection.  Slips for food items will be passed out on March 22nd.

Project Discussion: Larry mentioned replacing our next pancake breakfast with a trivia night. Trivia Night will include 5050, Mulligan purchase and $80   per table entry fee.

Golf Tournament : Will be   June 13th.  Larry Randazzo made a motion and Moose Maranda 2nd to rename the annual Golf Tournament to the Guy Randazzo Golf

Tournament. Motion passed.   Jack swan from Allouez has been contacted concerning their involvement in the event.

Seder meal :  Father Charles let everyone know that there won’t be a Seder meal this year to a tight schedule with other Parish activities.

April 15 we will be hosting a first degree.  Jerry said we should do a church drive to recruit members at Mass prior to 1st degree.  Jerry has 2 potential new members already interested.  Other events include Major Degree on May 5th in Rock Island.  A 4th Degree will happen in Coralville on May 10th.

Jerry talked about trifold information bulleting for recruitment.  Jerry updated information on it.  Jerry put a list of Knight Achievements over the past year to go into bulletin.  Highlight to talk about in 2014 is that we have put back $17000 back into the church and community.

John Laughlin 4th Degree District Meeting. Discussion during this meeting to provide 1, 2, 3rd Degree members with arm bands to wear at funerals.

John Laughlin made a motion to look into arm bands for early degree at funerals.  Members are given arm bands to be worn during the Rosary.  We have had 15 members deceased since our Council was founded.

Preston mentioned from the district meeting that we were recognized by Tony Scott District Deputy that St. Ambrose council does more activities than anybody for its number of members.

Father Charles mentioned that we are providing a model to younger men what a true Catholic Gentlemen is.

Insurance agent. Jeff Schaecker communicated how happy he was to be attending our meeting.

John Laughlin made a motion to adjourn   meeting and Jerry Fowler seconded. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned,

Brent Highfill, Recorder

St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 1-21-2015

Opening Prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance

Motion to approve last months meeting was made be Moose Maranda and seconded by Paul Putnam. Motion passed.

Grand Knight Report by Pres Zawada: The annual St. Joe’s Meal Site was in December. Jim Prochaska provided the food for the Knights to serve the night of the meal site free of charge to the council.

On December 14th the pancake breakfast the council put on generated $630 to go to the St. Ambrose Renovation Fund.

December 20th was the St. Vincent DePaul gift basket delivery. Several Knights were involved delivering baskets. The morning concluded with the Knights meeting at Pizza and Subs.

Free Throw competition: Concluded in January.

In January the Knights purchased a snow plow and installation for the new John Deere lawn tractor previously purchased by our council.

On January 24th we will host a Taco Supper. Event is chaired by Larry Randazzo. Supper will be from 4-7. Set up has already been completed. We are working on a new sign for the event since the old one is ripped.

Next meeting will be February 18th on Ash Wednesday.

March 14th- Annual Prime Rib Dinner. Jim Prochaska will bring servers and food for the event. We do need a chairman for this event.

March 26th TBA but, possibly a pot luck meal may replace the annual Seder meal.

March 28-29th- Milan Food Pantry collection. March 21-22 slips will be handed out during Mass.

Treasurer’s Report: Larry Randazzo. Balance of $5948.67.

Golf Outing: Will be held early this year. Event will be June 13th at Highland Springs. Some new things happening include a foursome made up of local ex-NFL players.

Discussion was held on helping out Alleman students participating in a pilgrimage to Washington D.C. Jerry Fowler made a motion and Paul Putnam seconded to give $250 towards helping students attend. Motion passed.

Financial Secretary: We have 80 total members. 50 members are associate and 30 are insurance. The council only needs 1 more member and 3 more insurance members to meet our quota to become a star council.

April 15th we will host a first degree.

Dues Statements have been sent out.

More discussion on the Knights of Columbus signs that are placed on the Village entrance signs coming into Milan. We were notified we would have to buy more signs so there is one on each of the four village signs. We have decided to pay up our fees and remove our signs. Possibly we will place these signs on church property .

Audit and Trustees: Audit has to be completed by Feb 15th. The audit team will meet at Happy Joes on Feb. 4th at 6 pm.

No Chancellor’s Report

There will be a 4th degree in Coralville, Ia. In April.

Unfinished Business:

Jeff Schaecker: Presented some interesting statistics from the Knights of Columbus. He noted that it is a fact that if a council can reach the 100 member mark that the council will be around for 10 to 15 years. The St. Ambrose Council has made Star Council before. Star Council is only achieved by 10% of the councils.

Chaplin Report by Father Charles: On March 27-29 there will be a young coed person’s (21-32 yrs.) retreat. Retreat participants will stay at Bennet House and then come out to St. Ambrose during the day for the retreat. The retreat was put together since this age group has been noted as having many drop out of the faith.

Father Charles received a $5000 grant. The Northwest classroom in the Parish Center will be turned into a media room. Father was requesting the Knight’s help in removing floor and ceiling tiles on the morning of Feb. 7th. Father also is requesting 30 padded folding chairs if someone knows of any. Father also wanted the council to know that there is progress in decisions toward church building renovations.

Meeting adjourned.

Brent Highfill, Recorder



St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 11-19-2014

Opening Prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Grand Knight Pres Zawada :  Old business.  Columbus Day Mass had good representation from the council.

Oct 25th Major Degree.  We received several compliments from others outside the council regarding our efforts in hosting the First, Second and Third degrees. The Grand Knight said the new version of the advanced degrees was very well done. From the St. Ambrose Council we had 4 First Degree attendants and a total of 8 that completed advanced degrees. There were 21 total people that took advanced degrees during the day.

Tony Scott D.D. will give us the list of 2nd and 3 rd degree attendees so that we can bill them for their part.  Chicago area team performed the advanced degrees.  Paid mileage of 2 cars x .60 per mile for team transportation costs.

Treasurers Report Larry Randazzo: $ 7500. Still have to pay out $2000 to charities and the cost of tootsie rolls.  We have a balance of approximately $5500.

Financial Sec. Jerry Fowler. We have a total of 82 members.  The council has added 5 members from the recent 1st degree. We are 1member away from hitting our goal to receive Star Council.  Bills are paid up except tootsie roll candy bill.

Tootsie Roll Drive had gross income of $2588.06. We will need to give 10 percent to the State for the statewide program. We will also donate 50 dollars to the disability fund.  After all costs are taken out we will have $1635.76 to distribute to SPEC and NKTR. It was also noted we collected 100 dollar more from last year’s donations.

Old business:  Coats the council bought are in. Father Charles will give away to parish members first.  Motion made by Jerry Fowler the coats left over will be given to Catholic Charities. Bernie Happ seconded. Motion passed.

K of C Signs Milan village.  Two of our signs are missing. Discussion on doing away with village signs and possibly posting signs at the parish center was discussed.  Jerry fowler made a motion to get two signs back and not pay the Village of Milan for display.  Gary DeWitte seconded and the motion passed.  Jerry will take care of getting our two signs back.

New business St. Joe’s Meal Site Rock island. There is already a group put together to serve.  Jim Prochaska makes food, Bob Strupp to pick up milk and donuts. We are expecting to serve 60 people at the site.  Chicken and cheesy potatoes will be the main menu items.

Nov 30 reverse collection:  December 1st need to take food to pantry.  Knights will deliver food.

Important notice: There will be no December Knights of Columbus meeting.

We will need a chairman for the Pancake Breakfast that will be held on December 14th from 7:30 to 11.

On December 20 th, 2014 we will help deliver St. Vincent De Paul’s Christmas baskets.  Meet at the parish at 9:30.

We will again host the annual Free Throw Competition in January.

January 21st Next Knights of Columbus Regular Meeting.

January 24th Taco Dinner 4-7 pm.  Larry Randazzo will chair this event.

Contact Sister Claudia for Knights events to be put in bulletin.

There was discussion about the prices for the upcoming Breakfast.  The prices decided on were $7 and$ 5 for kids.  Profit is for the seminarian we help support.

MDA donation was brought up by Jerry Fowler.  We have given $150 in past years.  Jerry made a motion to give $150, Bob Bigford seconded. Motion passed.

Milan Santa Fund. We have given money in past.  Bob Bigford made a motion to give $100 Bernie Happ seconded. Motion passed.

Jerry fowler announced he will need a replacement as Financial Secretary and Preston will be retiring as Grand Knight this year.  Interested individual please contact Jerry or Preston about your interest.

Meeting adjourned,

Brent Highfill, Recorder

St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus Regular Meeting 10-15-2014

Opening Prayer followed by the Pledge of allegiance

No roll call of officers.

Grand Knight duties for this meeting were fulfilled by Ken Maranda, Deputy Grand Knight.

Bob bigford made a motion to accept minutes and  Dick Myers seconded motion. Motion Passed.

Treasurer report by Larry Randazzo:  There is a $ 7863.60 balance.  Paul Putnam made a motion to accept Treasurer’s report.  Dick Myers seconded.  Motion Passed.

Financial Secretary’s report by Jerry Fowler:  There are   77 total members made up of  48 Associate and 29 insurance members.  Jerry mentioned that there were 9 members that have not paid dues.  We have 4 members that are a year behind with the balance 3-5 years behind.  John Laughlin bob Strupp 2nd.

The Deputy Grand Knight Ken Maranda announced new prospective members.

Jim Drish

Andrew Ernat

Candidate discussion followed. Bob Strupp made a motion to accept the application of new members. Bob Bigford seconded  motion passed.

Bob bigford report on MRLD Tootsie Roll Drive: Bob thanked Gary DeWitte and Bill Stallings, Jerry Fowler and Dick Myers for their assistance. He noted there was an issue with the New Kingdom Trail riders not being able to fill out their expected worker list. Bob also commented that we need to get an earlier start next year to reserve locations to collect donations . There was discussion on the amounts given to each group versus their amount of participation they were able to provide.  Total that we made to hand out is around $ 1600. There was also  discussion  on how to get money to cover tootsie roll cost for next year.  Ideas like requesting membership for donations or adding a small fee to the dues statement were discussed.  Bob Bigford made a motion to give $1000 to SPEC and $500 to New Kingdom Trail riders. Bob Strupp seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Coats were ordered.  John Laughlin discussed coat purchase and where they will go.  Priority will be given to Parish members.  Extra Coats not handed out to Parish members will go to the St. Vincent DePaul Basket recipients that have kids.

Major degree will be Oct 25th. Be at the Parish Center around 1030 to 11 to set up. 1st degree at 12 2nd and 3rd following.  Bill King, Jim Prochaska and Father Charles are looking to complete advanced degrees.  After the completion of the degrees lunch will be available from Happy Joes.

Feast prior to Thanksgiving was discussed and possible areas where the Knights of Columbus may be able to help were discussed. The meal will be a Potluck design. This Thanksgiving Dinner is for the neighborhood.

Gary DeWitte let everyone know that Sue Griffin needs help on Saturday to help take rummage table down at 1:30.

Meeting adjourned

Brent Highfill, Recorder

Knights of Columbus Regular Meeting 9/17/2014

Opening Prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance

Roll call of officers: Deferred

Last Minutes emailed by Jerry to membership.  No discussion.

Grand Knight Report:

Reverse collection coming up. Last collection brought in 1400 food items.

Call from Jeff Schaecher on the result of the membership drive held after Sunday Masses. We had 10 signed cards from our drive last Sunday of prospective new members.

Meeting times have changed: Changed meetings to Wednesday night 7pm instead of Thursday’s to accommodate schedules.

Friday and Saturday will be the MRLD Tootsie roll Drive. Bob Bigford gave report.  Bill Stallings and Gary DeWitte helped with calling membership. Bob Bigford discussed ideas on improvements for next year.  He mentioned contacting business’s a full month ahead of time because some locations were lost to other fundraising groups this year.  Update contact numbers for members to better cover slots.

Father Charles:  Chaplains report.  Invited everyone to church picnic.  Reconvene Parish Council on Oct 14th.  Father recruiting help at Picnic for special jobs.

John Laughlin made a motion that we make a donation of 300 dollars for rentals of a tent and kids play stations that will be put up at the picnic.  Bob Bigford seconded motion.  Total cost is $1000 for rentals. Motion passed. Knights will be responsible for parking, 50/50 and Bingo.

Treasurer report:  $8235.16 with outstanding around $5000.00 leaving an estimate of around $3200.

Milan Village signs:  Issue with replacements.  Milan is asking for new signs. Idea brought up to not invest money in more signs.  Bob Strupp made a motion to not replace signs Paul Putnam seconded, motion passed.    Two signs are left of the four.  Jerry fowler to find more information on the signs issues with the Village.  Report to follow.

Bob Strupp discussed sign in front of church needs improvement.  Larry commented the problem is the etched glass making letters blurry.  Bob will report back about options.

Financial Secretary Report:  Jerry Fowler 77 total members.  48 non insurance and 29 insurance members.

Moose will cover Grand Knight duties during the next meeting.

Major degree coming up in October.25th.  1st degree will be held by our council and the major degrees will follow.  Oct 2nd first practice at 6:30  and the second practice will be October 23rd at 6:30 practice for our council

Jerry will chair food for major degree day.  Need members to make major degrees. If you are in need of advancing degrees here is your opportunity.

Coats for girls and boys will cost $220 per box.  Pres wants to give coats to parish members kids.  More discussion on recipients of coats included giving some to the  St. Vincent DePaul for handing out during Christmas basket delivery.  Bill Stallings made a motion and Paul Putnam seconded to buy coats.  Plan to give to Parish Kids that are in need and the rest of them will be given to St. Vincent DePaul..

Bob Strupp discussed getting audio video equipment for the Parish Center. Possible ideas included passing the hat during the Parish Picnic.

Ivy Padula, Religious Educator made the initial request of equipment to help with the teaching of CCD classes.  Bob Strupp will look at possibilities and cost.

Paul Putnam made a motion and Larry Randazzo seconded to adjourn meeting.

Father Charles led the closing prayer

Meeting adjourned.

Brent Highfill, Recorder

St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus Regular Meeting   08-21-2014

Opening Prayer followed by Pledge of Allegiance

Roll call of officers by Grand Knight Pres Zawada

No previous minutes due to officer installation.

Treasurer report – Larry Randazzo reported a balance of $7719.96 Motion to accept by Ken Maranda, 2nd by Larry Randazzo Motion passed

Financial Secretary – Jerry Fowler reported 77 members (48 Associate, 29 Insurance). We are down 5 members because they were removed for non-payment of dues. We need to gain 6 members three of which need to be insurance members to gain Star Council. Jerry reports that we won a Columbian award for 2013-2014. Jerry reports that he has bills to be paid for per capita $383.25, Catholic advertisement of $211.00 and liability insurance for activities of $2.20 per member which totals $220.60. Audit will be done next week.

The July 19th Golf outing went well as per reports by Treasurer Larry Randazzo and Finacial Secretary Jerry Fowler. Future plans were discussed by GK Zawada. He stressed the fact that we need to have more help contacting sponsors and that those contacts need to be in person.

The July 23 District Meeting. Reports by GK Zawada and FS Fowler stressed the need for boosting membership.

The July 27 Milan Spray Park event was attended by several families.

August 31st is the food pantry collection. Slips were passed out for the reverse collection on August 23rd and 24th . Help will be needed at 10 AM to move all items to the pantry on 09-02-2014. GK Zawada will make arrangements to unlock the church.

The Tootsie Roll Drive is scheduled for September 19th and 20th.  Bob Bigford and Gary DeWitte will be cosponsors. They will be making calls for help at the various collection locations. Please volunteer for one of the shifts.

The Bee Hive Bazaar is scheduled for September 20. Jean Harman of the group asked if the Knight’swould purchase  $35.00 dinner book. It would be raffled in one the baskets.  Bob Strupp made motion to do so. Ken Maranda seconded. Motion passed.

Knight Line News Letter announced that Council 12576 has won 2013-2014 Star Award.


Jerry Fowler reported that Father Charles wants to be at our meetings but he cannot attend on Thursday’s due to his schedule. Ken Maranda made a motion that we change our monthly meeting date to Wednesday’s. Second by Dick Myers.

Degree Program – There will be a 1st degree program followed by a major degree with a light lunch afterwards at the St. Ambrose Parish Center. Details will follow.

Parish Picnic – The parish picnic is on Sunday September 28th  at Camden Park. There will be a mass followed by the picnic. Times to follow.

Next Meeting September 17th at Parish Center at 7:00 PM

Meeting Adjourned

Jay Finn for Brent Highfill, Recorder

St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus Regular Meeting 6-19-2014

Pledge of allegiance followed by the opening prayer

Roll call of officers by Grand Knight Pres Zawada

Father Tony going away party had great attendance by the Church and Council Members.

A new floor has been laid in the table storage room.  Knights will help put back tables this Saturday.

Reverse collection is this weekend.  Slips will be handed out at mass.  Remember to bring food items the following week.

July 6 at 7pm is next golf meeting.  Hole sponsors number 11 in so far.  3 teams have paid so far.

The slate of officers for the 2014-2015 year has been announced.

  • Grand Knight: Preston Zawada
  • Deputy Grand Knight:  Ken Maranda
  • Financial  Secretary:   Jerry Fowler
  • Chancellor:  Gary DeWitte
  • Advocate: Bob Bigford
  • Warden:  Dick Myers
  • Inside Guard: Paul Putnam
  • Outside Guard:  Gene Desaunoy
  • 1 yr. trustee:  Jay Finn
  • 2 yr Trustee:  John Laughlin
  • 3 yr. Trustee:  Bernie Happ
  • Recorder:  Brent Highfill
  • Treasurer:  Larry Randazzo

Father Charles Klamut is the new priest at St. Ambrose.  On July 17th we will have Installation of Officers and dinner at Happy Joes.

Upcoming Events:

Golf outing July 19th.

Spray ground July 27th from 6-8pm. It will cost $100 for the council to sponsor.  Need to pay by the night of the event.

90 anniversary of St. Ambrose church is in 2014. Some to be determined events are in the planning stages.

Tootsie roll drive is the 19 Th and 20th of September.

Insurance Agent Report: Jeff Schaecker noted the possibility of a membership drive in September.  Possibility of the council having a presentation table after Mass or an open house was mentioned.  Major degree this fall will probably be in October

Meeting adjourned.

Brent Highfill, Recorder